Project Details

Driven piles for reconstruction of a bridge over Isa Lake on a main highway (Grand Loop Road) inside Yellowstone National Park.

Piles for the 300’ long bridge were driven from the edge on both sides of the lake, reaching out approx. 150’ into the lake.

To move from abutment 1 to abutment 2, all equipment had to be loaded and transported approx. 95 miles over the road through the park. All work had to be accomplished after the Labor Day holiday weekend, and before the November 1st start of the winter (snow) tourist season.

  • Engineer: US Dept of Trans. – Western Federal Lands
  • Jobsite: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • General Contractor: Knife River
  • Work Description: Concrete Filled Steel Pipe Piles. Furnish and Install approx. 2108 LF
  • Completed: October 2014

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